Friday, July 20, 2012

Food Drive

Student Collects Nearly 1,000 LBS of Food

Thank you to Armani McFarland, an 8-year old girl from Majestic Elementary, who started a food drive herself and collected nearly 1,000 pounds of food for local food pantries in the last month! She is a kind girl who is always thinking of others before herself. We are so appreciative of her hard work and giving heart. Again, thank you and thank you to all the folks who donated to Armani's food drive!



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    1. Armani, we're so proud of you!!! and we LOVE you!!!
      Grandpa Hank and Grandma Jean

  2. Hi Armani!!! What a great idea!!! I'm not sure if you are collecting used-but-good-condition backpacks as well but I have some. Let me know if those are something you're interested in and I'd be happy to mail them to you:) Thanks for helping others. You make the world a better place.

  3. She is a kind girl who is left 4 dead survival warehouse always thinking of others before herself.